Psychophysical tests will change the way your company makes determinations of fitness for duty.

Police officers have the authority to demand roadside 'SFST' testing upon the interaction of a driver they suspect has alcohol or drugs in their system. Up until now, this type of testing has not been readily available in the workplace.

The Workplace Impairment Test (WIT) is comprised of the standard SFST testing as well as tests used by Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) officers.

The WIT offers your company the ability to test employees using the same standardized psychophysical testing used by police officers. This will help you to determine fitness for duty by ascertaining whether or not an employee shows signs of impairment.

By utilizing the WIT, along with oral fluid or urine testing, employers will be able to utilize the most up to date and complete testing components for their employees to assist with maximizing safety in the workplace and long-term wellness for their employees.

The WIT app is easy to learn, simple to perform, systematic and standardized. It allows employers to easily maintain their documentation and record keeping pertaining to any testing event.

We are excited to offer these standardized tests and look forward to speaking with you and your company about our innovative, proprietary workplace testing solutions.